Ultrasound is used for:

Break up scar tissue and adhesions

Reduce inflammation, swelling and calcium deposits

Create a deep heat to a localized area to ease muscle spasms (much deeper than can be achieved with a hot pack - up to 5 cm)

Increase soft tissue extensibility prior to stretching and exercise

Facilitate healing at the cellular level

Speeds metabolism and improves blood flow

Reduces nerve root irritation

At low intensities can speed bone healing

Enhance transcutaneous drug delivery by phonophoresis



Bio Lamp














Here's how the BIOlamp works…:

Although it works in a unique way, BIOlamp looks just like an ordinary lamp. BIOlamp treats the source of pain via a unique infrared spectrum of electromagnetic energy and healing rays which is similar to the natural bio-spectrum waves released by the human body itself.


Unlike other infrared therapeutic devices, BIOlamp uses a plate coated with a formation of 33 minerals, embedded in a formation onto a treatment plate, including Calcium and Iron, (which are also found in our bodies).


BIOlamp emits a special band of electromagnetic waves in an infrared range, which simulate the natural Bio-Spectrum waves released by the human body itself.

This makes it easier for the body to absorb the heat energy, thus enhancing the BIOlamp' s therapeutic benefits.


BIOlamp is easy and comfortable to use. It's clean (no other medication required), hygienic, and convenient (you can use it whilst watching television or reading a book.) It even has a timer which automatically switches off the lamp after your chosen treatment time (so you don't have to worry about this when you're receiving treatment.)


Although BIOlamp is primarily a medical appliance designed to be used solely for the relief of severe conditions of rheumatoid arthritis and severe osteoarthritis, clinical applications in China and other Eastern Countries have proved that BIOlamp is effective in treating other ailments such as back pain, certain sports injuries and some skin conditions such as psoriasis .

Electrotherapy Machine














Electrotherapy is used for:

Acute and chronic ankle pain and ankle joint arthritis

Acute and chronic low back pain associated with spinal nerve and disc pain or spinal osteoarthritis/degenerative disc disease (DDD)

Acute and chronic neck pain associated with soft tissue injury to the muscles, ligaments or spinal discs, joint inflammation and spinal arthritis

Acute, chronic and post surgical knee pain associated with muscle, tendon, ligament or joint arthritis problems

Acute and chronic shoulder pain associated with muscle, tendon, ligament or shoulder joint arthritis

Carpal tunnel syndrome – pain associated with compression of the nerves in the carpal tunnel

Foot pain including Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Morton's Neuroma and Peripheral Neuropathy

Post lumbar laminectomy – a type of surgery to the spine

Use in labour and delivery

Dental pain including TMJ pain (jaw joint) Facial paralysis

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Hip pain

Post-operative pain

Sciatica Bicipital tendonitis

Tennis elbow

Wrist pain

Shin splints

Diabetes neuropathy


Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)






Strapping is used for:

Strapping and taping are used to give extra support and re-assurance to injured joints and soft tissues.


Taping and strapping techniques can be applied to injured joints to provide support and allow a return to sports.


CPM or Continuous Passive Motion













These machines are used to help restore the range of motion in the affected joints

Above Wrist CPM














Knee CPM















Sholder CPM




























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